At Healthi, we specialise in the field of Sports Science services of all kinds, further entrenching the concept of total wellness, which is the foundation of our brand.

Through our many varied services, we take the definition of ‘personal trainer’ to the next, more intense, and more detailed, level. Our Sports Science professionals have over a decade of international experience, bringing not only a bespoke service, but a holistic experience, to our clients.

From effective training techniques and nutritional expertise, to injury rehabilitation and corporate fitness education, our experts are able to provide an all-round health and wellness service to our clients on an individual or small group basis.

Contact our offices with any queries or special requirement you may have, and we will endeavour not only to meet your expectations, but surpass them.

Needless to say, all cases are handled with extreme sensitivity, respect and confidentiality.

Sport Science Services Pricing

Launch promotion – 4 sessions for R996 / R249 per hour.

Single session – R349.

4 sessions – R289 / hour – R1156.

8 sessions – R279 / hour – R2232.

12 sessions – R269 / hour – R3228.

16 sessions – R259 / hour – R4144.