WHO IS THIS FOR:  Chronic injuries and conditions, recovery from injury, a diagnostic of injury, identification of risk and focus areas.

Upon presenting with pain or injury, our professionals will provide you with an exact diagnosis of the causes of injury or pain, the severity thereof, and will either provide the client with a comprehensive treatment plan or refer the client to another specialist.

While every sports science professional will have different specialties and expertise, our primary care-giver and professional is a specialist in the area of knee and back pain and injury. Over time, more professionals with other areas of expertise will join the team at Healthi.

In terms of chronic condition and pain management, our professionals have extensive experience in the treatment of such around Parkinson’s, hypertension, chronic injuries, arthritis, osteo-arthritis, osteoporosis, nerve impingements, and many others.

The aim and end result of the this form of diagnosis and treatment is the reduction of pain, regaining of movement, and, more importantly, restoring and even improving the patient’s quality of life and wellness.

Please note that while this service is offered on a mobile basis, it is preferable to see client’s at our premises to take full advantage of our resources and services.

Services Pricing

PRICING FROM:  R349 (60 minutes)